Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Blogger's Homecoming

Man, it's been a while...

But I'm making a concerted effort to come back here. Often.

I've been noticing the little things creep up for me. I think I'm fine, but it's the seemingly insignificant checks I'll do, or the few minutes too long I spend thinking about something, that reminds me that OCD is always with me. I need to be here, writing, logging, reflecting--monitoring my progress.

Today I was reminded that I need this in my life. The more mental energy this blog takes up, that's just a little less for OCD to occupy.


  1. Welcome back! I know in my own mind that ocd is more than willing to suck every last bit of my energy, and writing my blog has helped me stake out some space of my own.

  2. OCD likes to fill spaces, that's for sure. Trick is limiting its ability to do so. Welcome back!

  3. Welcome back. I've also started a blog-styled page myself to help monitor my progress and consume some creative energy. I look forward to reading a bit more of your stuff.

  4. Thank you all for the welcome messages! Ryan, where is your blog? I'd like to check it out.

  5. Sometimes keeping an online journal is therapeutic. Sometimes it isn't. I think it's about finding balance and realizing when coming back is a good idea. It sounds like you know what you need right now, and I think encouragement from other people is a huge part of that. Welcome back, friend :) I hope that you feel encouraged and inspired as you walk this journey :) Jena