Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Every story is different. I'll tell you mine.

People with OCD are typically seen as germophobes. But we're so much more! We're hoarders, worriers, perfectionists, and experts at the game of what-if. Some are germ-obsessed, others are afraid of hurting people's feelings. Some suffer from tremendous guilt, others feel tremendous responsibility.

I am one of these things; I am all of these things.

We have our own jubilations and tribulations, but we're all suffering from the same illness.

We're all striving for the same victory.

Read about mine here.

Author's note: After a fiasco with my other blog, http://www.mewithocd.blogspot.com/ (don't go there, there's nothing to see), I finally am ready to post. Somehow I forgot my password, AND the password I set up to manage my blog. People with OCD are meticulous and obsessive, and while they may strive to be perfect, we still forget passwords.

Then again, I'm not the super-organized OCD type.

I do hope to show you just exactly what type I am, so keep reading!